We are currently seeking members for Skyrunning Canada. This includes races and organizations who meet the ISF criteria and technical guidelines to host an ISF recognized Canadian event. As per the ISF, Skyrunning disciplines are divided into different categories:


The courses may be over paths, trail, moraine, rock or snow. Asphalt must be less than 15% of the total distance. Where the altitude does not reach 2.000 m., the courses should have a minimum average of 6% incline over the total distance (12% uphill) and reach the highest points in the area.

SKY – Races between 20 and 49 km long with 1,300m minimum vertical climb. Races that reach over 4,000m must be over 10 km.

SKYULTRA – Races between 50 and 99 km long with 3,200m minimum vertical climb or maximum finish time must be under 16 hours.

VERTICAL – uphill only races with a minimum average incline of 20% and include one or more sections of 5% of the total distance, over 33%. The maximum length is 5 km.

SKYSPEED – Races with 100 metres or more vertical climb and more than 33% incline.

STAIR CLIMBING / VERTICAL RUNNING – Vertical races with an incline over 45% on stairs indoors or outdoors. The minimum vertical climb is 100m. Different disciplines may be defined. Continentals and World Championships may be held.

SKYBIKE – Duathlons consisting of a bike or mountain bike race and Vertical Kilometer® or skyrunning competition.

SKYRAID – Skyrunning team races over long distances combining other sports such as cycling, skiing, climbing etc.

SKYSNOW – Races on snow (at least 70%) with compulsory use of approved micro-crampons (see 5.5.2). Two disciplines are defined:
Vertical: under 5 km with a minimum 15% incline
Classic: over 9 km with a minimum total incline of 3% and sections over 10%. Races for Youth categories must be at least 5 km long with 200m vertical climb.

Additional technical course classfications apply, please visit the ISF criteria HERE to read about the technical course elements and HERE for the ISF course requirements.

If you are interested in getting involved with Skyrunning Canada, please contact us